[Qoo News] Japanese developer made a game that creates players’ characters based on Twitter account



Japanese developer I From Japan has made a PC game that determines a player’s character based on his/her Twitter account. The character also changes from time to time based on activities on Twitter.


The game, Last Standard, was showcased in Taipei Game Show and available for trial. A built-in system called Psycho Type(サイコダイブ)is responsible for shaping the in-game character by detecting the player’s personality on Twitter. There is a character-generating stage before starting the game. Once the player logs in his/her twitter account, the system will analyse the account’s interaction and activities, and hence shape the character’s appearance and gears.


It is still possible to play the game without a Twitter account. The player can answer some questions that help analyse his/her personality and thus create an unique character.


An example for the character’s type is Realistic. Its weapon is a sphere and is able to produce blue/orange circles on the map. These circles can be detonated at anytime as a form of attack. They also function as portals for teleporting.

The game supports PVP mode and battles as big as four versus four. It has been greenlit on Steam but is yet to be released.

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