[Qoo Guide] Fire Emblem Heroes Re-Rolls & First Draws



If any of you are wondering whether or not you can re-roll in Fire Emblem Heroes, the answer is yes. As long as you don’t link a Nintendo account you’ll be able to re-roll without much problems. Here’s the quickest and most effective way to re-roll.

How To:

15 orbs are given to players at the start of the game. Since the game just launched, there is also 2 bonus orbs players collection from their inbox (the owl near the top left) meaning without having to do anything players will have 17 orbs at their disposal. Although it is tempting to jump straight in and start summoning, to make the most out of each summon you’ll need a total of 20 orbs. why? because in Fire Emblem Heroes, when you summon heroes, players can choose between 5 different colored orbs. The color of the orb determines the hero type you will get see image below.



The price of the summon starts off at 5 orbs, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th summon costs 4 orbs and the final 5th summon costs only 3 orbs. Simple maths, 5+4+4+4+3=20. So simply do 3 stages and collect a total of 20 orbs and summon away!

If you don’t get any of the heroes you want, then simply uninstall the app and redo the things mentioned above. Once you have heroes you’re happy with then go ahead and link a Nintendo account to keep your account secured. If you have no preference to which hero you want, but want something strong to carry you through the initial part of the game, here are a few suggestions for you.


5 Star Ryoma

Ryoma is a great character to have early game simply because he’s relatively strong close range, and his skill allows him to counter enemies regardless of their distance. Additionally When below 50% HP at the start of player’s turn, Ryoma gains additional damage for a “high risk, high return” play style.


5 Star Takumi: Wild Card

Takumi is a beast of a starter. Ranged and colorless, he is a reliable source of damage in most situations. With a passive that allows him to counter enemies at close range and a reduce nearby enemy’s speed, Takumi can potentially deal more damage to to his attacker than they do to him.


5 Star Catria: Middle Whitewing

Each time Catria attacks, she lowers the cooldown for her skill, this adds to her overall damage output. Alongside her passives which increases her defense when she initiates an attack and applying a – attack debuff to her target which lasts until their turn ends, Catria has both damage and increased survivability when in a 1vs1 situation.


5 Star Lucina: Future Witness / 5 star Marth: Altean Prince

Both these characters share a passive that gives them additional damage against Dragon heroes (heroes who can turn into dragons during battle i.e Tiki) and since these heroes are incredibly hard to deal with without the right attributes, having this passive is definitely a plus. Additionally, every 3 turn they can recover 10 HP.

Hope this helps you with your initial picks, more Fire Emblem Heroes content will be coming out soon!


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  1. dang, only got novi and focus roy(it got animation during summon).
    already lvl 20, know how to change his appearance? i saw his avatar got some blaze around him. how to make it so?