[Qoo News] Voltage booth at TGS 2017 report: Wedding VR and dates with ikemen



Voltage did it again! After capturing many girls’ hearts with their Intimate VR: Eisuke and real romance experiences at Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2016, Voltage took the whole event to another level at TGS this year – it was a wedding!

At TGS 2017, Voltage made its booth a garden wedding banquet. Bringing its mobile games’ characters to life, the developer invited handsome guys for visitors to talk to and even get married. If wedding was not exciting enough, they could also have a “doki doki” meeting with Sengoku warriors and a secretive date with top models.

Either way, girls and boys walked out with a bright red face!

Wedding VR


Wedding VR is Voltage’s second romantic VR experience. Starring Yamato Kougami (CV: Hikaru Midorikawa) from My Forged Wedding, Date Masamune (CV: Kaito Ishikawa) from Samurai Love Ballad, and Henry A. Spencer (CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto) from Be My Princess: Eternal Kiss, it allows players to walk the aisle with either one of them. In TGS 2017, visitors were able to do that with Yamato in an ceremony just for two!


Although the wedding only lasted three minutes, it was enough to make anyone heart race fast with all those whispering in ears and that final kiss.

The wedding experience was not complete without a wedding picture. At Wedding VR Real Ikemen Corner, Voltage Ikemen Roma-kun put on the veil for the brides and took a grand wedding photo with them.

See how happy this old man was after his sweet marriage with Roma-kun!



Unfortunately visitors could not take the princes home after going through the entire ceremony, but they could at least get a wedding certificate as a token of remembrance!

Samurai Love Ballad


Samurai Love Ballad is where players can enjoy a romance story with Sengoku samurai and ninja. In TGS 2017, Oda Nobunaga and Fujibayashi Sakuya came to life and summoned the visitors to their private chamber! This was a difficult task, because the visitors were asked to select a gift, such as sake and scrolls, to please the fearsome warriors. 

If they got angry at the choice of gifts, the sweet time was over. If they were satisfied, the rewards were sweet words and flirty gestures.



How could anyone not walk out with cheeks like tomato!

 Are All Celebrities Liars?


In Are All Celebrities Liars?, players take the role of a girl who climbs her way to the top in the entertainment industry amidst a cesspool of lies and scandals. The thrill of hiding from paparazzi was finally available at Voltage’s booth. Visitors were invited to date two characters from the game, Kenji Kiryu and Yuichiro Kichise, as well as to take pictures that would be on the cover of a gossip magazine!


 Anidol Colors Corners


Anidol Colors was released on 7th Septmber this year. This pop idol training game had life-sized panels shown at the booth. Visitors could collect character cards by writing warm messages on the booth’s message board.