[Qoo News] Bandai Namco at TpGS 2017


At their booth in TpGS this year, Bandai Namco brought out their latest collection of mobile and console entertainment for visitors to preview.
Starting VR, Bandai Namco kicks of with Ace Combat 7.


Placing players in the pilot seat for aerial combat, Ace Combat is a intense adrenaline pumping experience for flight simulation fans and even FPS lovers.
Off the VR, visitors are invited to try the company’s upcoming releases including the new title lined up for the iconic Tekken series, Tekken 7, and the localized Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.


For 90’s kids, the most exciting upcoming title will surely be the localized versions of the latest Digimon World: New Order. Players take on the role of Digimon tamer in a open world experience. The new open-world element gives players the feel for what it would be like being one of the Chosen Children in the first Digimon series.
For their Mobile portfolio, Bandai Namco brings back the classic Galaga.


Celebrating the 35th Anniversary, the classic game is remade into with modern graphics. From the iconic style to the retro bosses, the game still stays true to its heritage, giving fans of the original game a chance to re-experience the universe of Galaga. To optimize the experience for the mobile platform, the game has made changes to the controls. Easy enough to be played with just one finger, the Galaga remake offers an equal enjoyment to experienced players as well as new players to the series.

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Outside of their digital entertainment, Bandai Namco placed exclusive figures at their booth as decorations for fans to enjoy. The figures range from Super Robot Taisen V, the newly announced title, to signature characters from internationally known series including Dragon Ball and Digimon.